Spy Creatures.

Imagining various creatures as espionage facilitating robots

Using the power of AI we can imagine various creatures as espionage facilitating robots. The digital art series is illustrated through the process of prompt crafting in Midjourney and Photoshop for additional editing.  The history of drones took an especially weird turn in the 1970s when the CIA began fiddling around with a prototype for an eavesdropping robot called the Insectothopter.
The insectothopter was one of their most secret projects during the Cold War. It was so secret that it wasn't even revealed until many years later. It was designed to look like a dragonfly and be used for surveillance purposes. 

The spy creatures series explores the idea of advanced robotics using artificial intelligence. With AI, we can rapidly imagine autonomous solar powered bot creatures with GPS enabled navigation systems and cameras for eyes that can go undetected and possibly armed in “Black Mirror” style for extreme espionage circumstances.

101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets.
Packed with prompt tips for anyone interested in creating visually striking AI Art in Midjourney with ease. Variables within the prompts can be altered to generate new and unique images. Simply copy and paste the prompts and replace the [variable] with a subject of your choice.

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