What if Antoni Gaudí inspired the design of household appliances?
Gaudí has been considered one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. He was influenced by neo-gothic styles, art nouveau, and modernisme. Ahead of his time, Gaudí's architectural style was sophisticated with vivid colours and textures with free flowing coral like shapes that meandered through his work. His unique designs mimicked the natural world of trees and caves. 
We live in an age of Apple and Tesla with minimal design taking charge. All car brands have similar looking models and company logos are stripped back to live in the tiny space world of mobile devices.  Gaudí designed vibrant, multi-color buildings using ceramic mosaic tiles and stained glass.  With the help of AI, we can envision a world where regular household appliances are re-designed with the Gaudí aesthetic. With an explosion of colour and organic curvilinear shapes, the designs dominate the usual minimal appliances and turn them into Art Nouveau styled sculptures. 
The concept images were conceived using Midjourney and a little bit of Photoshop. Credit to the genius of Gaudí.
AI is a huge force. It’s a disruptive force. It isn’t going away. Leveraging machine learning’s incredible power to ideate at a faster pace certainly has it’s advantages. But we need to tread very very carefully. I don’t believe that machines make art. They are fed billions of human art images without credit or compensation. The moral and ethical debates around the technology are concerning.
We need to have more conversations around the AI models and data sets. More transparency is required. We are at a very important time in art history, so progressing in an ethical manner would be the right thing to do. AI tools for audio and video are next so it’ very important to protect the foundations of creativity moving forward. 
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What if graffiti tags influenced the architecture of the buildings they once adorned?
The spray can is available to everybody, a tool for creative expression, to challenge and pose questions. Ideas are created publicly which feed into the collective conscious of the social fabric of society. These tribes are of utmost importance and usually go against social norms. Graffiti is an expression of identity, a democratic outlet for creativity, social connection and achievement. There’s a weird juxtaposition, from being publicly admired as “street art” to criminal charges, fines and jail time.​​​​​​​
AI gives us the ability to create images that are in our mind at a rapid pace. What happens when the graffiti tags influence the architecture of the buildings they once adorned?
The concept images were conceived using text prompts in Midjourney with a little bit of Photoshop

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